A Délicieux Décors’ landscaping project makes it much more than a green area! It’s…

An immersive learning ground for children and adults.

A generous source of free, healthy and local food enjoyable by everyone.

An opportunity for bringing people together and building relationships within communities.

An area where we encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

In the light of the most recent events, we are sorry that we didn’t offer our services earlier. However, it is not too late for you to have one of our urban orchards implanted in your city! Let us tell you more about it. Whether you want to add value to a neighborhood, make use of a vacant lot or add something absolutely unique to an existing park or city owned proprety, this is the project that is going to make you stand out!

What’s Already Out There

The idea of planting fruit trees in green spaces is not new. Several innovative cities already went ahead and planted some in their public parks and places. For example, In the United States, there are Seattle, Boston, and, of course, San Francisco who tried it. Closer to us, we have Val-David, that made available an edible landscape on the side of its bicycle path.

There is also Sherbrooke and Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue who experienced offering some edible fruit trees and bushes to their citizens. Finally, we have Montreal and its green alley initiative. The common goal of all these cities was to reach for lasting food security. This social initiative has already started; we are simply doing it better.

Délicieux Décors’ Landscaping

What distinguishes us from everyone else are our methods based on science. We offer the soil analysis service that enables us to identify very precisely the existing excesses and deficiencies which we will then correct with the use of amendments. This guarantees a complete and balanced nutrition for the plants in our projects. As a result, the plants grow vigorously and capture more CO2, this also contributes to the reduction of the surrounding air pollution levels. Moreover, after 5 to 8 years, the trees will have reached their full size and will create a vegetation cover that will help fight the effects of the heat islands at the same time as producing an impressive amount of fresh fruits available to everyone.

Some explanatory signs will also be installed in front of the fruit trees and shrubs. They will include the necessary information to ensure the most pleasant experience for the visitors and encourage the picking of all the fruits. They will also give useful tips on the preservation and the use of everything found in our projects.

Our landscape arrangements are composed of a large variety of edible fruits wisely selected and adapted to each site. We choose the varieties that resist our harsh winters and most common diseases. Moreover, the visitors will be able to pick fresh fruits from late-June to the first frosts, which will be an excellent opportunity to organize little educational workshops on many themes like “Where does our food come from?,” “What can we do with the fruits in the landscape?,” and “Cooking and baking with fruits.”

Finally, the excess produce could be offered to food banks and local comunity kitchens organizations, who could then offer them to the people most in need. This initiative gives tremendous value to a neighbourhood and kills two birds with one stone!

Give us a call for a no-obligation quote or to find out how you can bring these projects to your municipalities?