Is food security a subject that is important to you? How would you like to have access to a wide variety of fresh fruits throughout the summer, right next to your home? That’s what Délicieux Décors has to offer!

Twenty years ago, talking about climate change might have been considered alarmist; now it is clear that our way of life must change if we are to avoid the worst. In addition, the most recent events highlight the need to make food self-sufficiency a priority.
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today. We, at Délicieux Décors, are in complete agreement with that philosophy. Offering yourself a Délicieux Décors’ edible landscape is a gift that will be enjoyed by the generations to come.

We ask that you speak directly to your municipal councillors about Délicieux Décors’ projects, which combine knowledge from all areas of ecology, horticulture and agriculture in order to bring the best for…

Our Health

Thanks to our soil correction methods, the fruits in our landscapes are bursting with minerals essential to our well-being, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, in addition to a ton of vitamins and unique phenolic compounds secreted when soil equilibrium is reached. These are the same compounds that help repel fungi and insect pests.

The health of the ecosystems

Délicieux Décors’ landscapes feature 25 varieties of fruits and more than 20 types of perennials with continuous flowering that provide an abundant source of food for monarch butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. This healthy cohabitation between organisms creates an island of wealth and abundance that benefits all layers of the natural world.

The health of the planet

The scientific processes we use allow us to accurately assess soil composition and correct existing deficiencies so that plants can grow to the limits of their genetic potential. As a result, they require no pesticides or fungicides to produce beautiful fruits that you can enjoy worry free!

Our Heritage

In Quebec, what set us apart are our cold and harsh winters. That’s why the choice of species in our landscaping projects is so important. For the past 15 years, the Délicieux Décors’ team has specialized in planting trees and shrubs that produce edible fruits. Thanks to our experience, we can meticulously select plants that will resist the rigours of winter and the most common diseases. As a result, you will have access to a whole range of flavours, from the classics to the most unusual, throughout the growing seasons.

What Was Done Before

Before the chemical revolution and the standardization of the use of synthetic products, radically different agricultural production methods and approaches were applied. For example, farmers were careful to ensure that the soil was rich and nutritious for the plants, since it is as important for them as it is for animals to meet their nutrient needs to be healthy. Settlers already knew this 400 years ago! That is why the first settlements were made on the richest soils. Over time, populations grew, as did the space needed to support them. Unfortunately, it is on the most fertile lands that our cities and metropolises were built, blocking our access to those rich grounds in the process.

As you can see, the concept of soil richness is not new nor abstract. The study of plants has made it possible to discover the macro- and micro-elements essential to plant life, and in-depth analyses of the most fertile lands on the planet allowed us to understand and reproduce the most favourable conditions for agricultural production.

Let’s Start A Revolution

In his book titled “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” Star Hawk plunges the reader into a post-apocalyptic world where large corporations control access to water and food. One day oppressed citizens decide to rebel and organize a revolution. They tear asphalt off the streets, plant trees and return nature to its rightful place. The lesson of this book is that love should be at the centre of the decisions made by those in power and that food should be accessible to all, free of charge. We are not advocating civil disobedience, but we are proposing a solution worthy of the 21st century.

Délicieux Décors’ mission is to offer an abundance of local food. If we all had access to fresh, healthy and free food, we would be less dependent on the complex import structure that takes our food across continents. The solution exists, but we must act quickly and invest today for a better tomorrow. Offering these islands of health is a gift that transcends political ideologies; it is a gift offered to all futur generations.

We therefore invite you to accelerate this change and participate in the green revolution by asking your municipal councillors to find out about the various landscape arrangements offered by Délicieux Décors. Suggest to them a municipal green space near you that you feel would be suitable for our projects. Our basic offer contains more than 25 varieties of fruit trees and shrubs that you could enjoy all summer long and that would be available for the entire neighbourhood. Join your voices together in requesting these projects be implemented in a green area near you.

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