Meet the soil expert

Jean-Raymond Desjardins is the innovator behind Delicieux Decors Inc.. With 20 years of a wide range of horticulture experience, his hands have worked the soil in a multitude of environments. His extensive experience ranges from leading municipal horticulture teams and greenhouse production to giving classes on implanting permaculture gardens and actively working at starting up an eco-farm project.

He has received his formal schooling at the Montreal Botanical Gardens and has taken classes with the world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. Driven by his passion for innovative soil science and collaborating with nature’s innate systems, Jean-Raymond uses a forward-thinking approach, combining an accumulation of multi-disciplinary knowledge, he has synthesized and perfected progressive systems to improve urban agriculture.

As a self-proclaimed ‘fruit nerd’, when he is not working in his private home orchard hosting a collection of over 120 various fruit-bearing plants, you can find him at various fruit-tree related conferences and local agricultural related gatherings, always seeking out the newest innovations and best practices by leaders in their field.